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Fall's in the air, are you ready?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The winds have finally change as a much cooler climate awakes us every morning. We are eagerly putting away our shorts and flip flops and starting to take out our light sweaters/ jackets. Fall is here and we couldn't be more happier. The kids are excited to start to "layer" up. We started planning Halloween Costumes. They eagerly await the end of the month of October to wear their Costumes. We will have a Dragon, an Encanto Character and an Astronaut.

I can't wait to share fall recipes with you. You know, we love to bake. We actually baked Brownies this evening and had dessert. Store bought "Breyer's Homemade Vanilla" with a Square and Triangle Brownie slice.

Good news, I started updated and made time this week to work on my eBay store. Lots of new items are listed. Especially Halloween Costumes. Pre-Owned of course. The kids were thrilled when the sales started coming. They understand the process of giving away items they no longer need and it's rewarding when they see the hard work come to fruition. They are now involved in the process of how to list-an-item on eBay. I am thinking of creating a step- by- step on eBay as a digital download, what do you think?

I also successfully updated my Dropshipping Store Front. Its' called ITIMY Boutique. Go ahead take a look around and hopefully you will find something you like.

I did tell you I worked on the Amazon KDP publishing. I created Monogram Journal's, I started a few weeks ago, I am still in the learning stages. I use Canva to create my covers and inserts. I currently uploaded the interiors pages to Amazon for review. I am eagerly waiting. I will soon share news...

Are you ready for the Pumpkin Patch?, What is your favorite activity?, we love to enjoy some warm apple cider as well as baking Pumpkin themed items. The best one so far is the Pumpkin Cheesecake. I think this year we will do a fall shoot. I can't wait to share those. I would hope to find a big pile of leaves and wear plaid! haha.


I think I'd miss you!

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