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SAHM, takes on the blog life...

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

My Name is Kenny, I am a mother of 3 fabulous, energetic and screaming children. I have an amazingly supportive husband whom I've been married for over a decade and know for over two. I reside in California. This is my very first blog, a dream of mine!! I am excited to finally be able to take on this journey and more excited I get to bring you along.

Let's talk about making money from home, I will walk you through the steps to start small and beneficial forms of income. The motivation to do the "job" over and over again. Let's not be left feeling like we're not appreciated enough! I delve into many ways you can make money from home by maintaining momentum.

I learned along the way that like everything in life :

1. It takes a lot of patience

2. Never stop believing

3. Listen to yourself

4. You are your biggest fan.

After your chores are done of course! let's get started.

How to maintain a level head while balancing your daily life, household, children and marriage along with some hopefully "me" time in between responsibilities. We will dive into making money while you sleep as Passive Income rolls in, my eBay Store, my shop,"Side Hustles," Food ideas, Baking, Smoothie Recipes, Cleaning Hacks,Travels, free and kid friendly places etc.,

Thanks for stopping by and listening.

Stay Humble and Be Awesome!

XOXO, Kenny


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