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Crystal Salt

Hey Girl Hey!

My Name is Kenny, I am a Wife. I am a Mom. I am a Friend. I love to Travel. I love to Cook. I love to Bake. I am married to my high school sweat-heart. We have 3 wonderful, loud screaming children.  I am excited to begin my journey into a day in the life of a Stay-at-home-mom. I will bring you along as I take on lots entrepreneurial roadmaps.  My favorite Season's are Summer and Fall.   

All About Me

I live in California, my SAHM life started in 2016 after my second child was born. The life with two children seemed hectic enough. The hustle and bustle of keeping my job seemed less interesting to me. I am lucky to stay at home and take care of my children. I love what I do!! I wouldn't change it for the world. 


The idea of this blog began in and around 2018 but it didn't come to fruition until now.  I live my life raising my kids, trying to find easy and affordable ways to have fun outdoors. Learning teaching techniques for in home learning and finding ways I can feel human again. That means useful, appreciated and back to my old self. I breastfeed all my children; my whole life revolved around them and meeting their every need. Fast forward to today, when I am finally "FREE" my youngest is pretty self-sufficient. I am feeling like my old self again. I decided to take what I learned over the years and put it to work. 

The idea of "Can mommy have 4 minutes? " began as I found myself hiding, trying to find enough "me" time. I couldn't, couldn't get away from my children. Dad's home, but they don't need dad. They want MOMMY to help. I felt like I had a "Wanted" sign on my back, running from the law. Except it wasn't, it was my children. This gave me the idea, help them become more independent, help them help me. Set boundaries, everyone has a job, but most importantly we help each other. We learn from our mistakes, we thrive and we teach others. 

I will share my cookings recipes, how to make many forms of passive income work in your favor especially in your sleep. Recycling old kids toys, clothing and shoes. Taking on resell sites such as eBay and Poshmark. The key here is learning together as we grow in business and life.


Let's learn together. I am so happy you stopped by. 



I Think I'd miss you...

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