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How to exfoliate for the perfect Spring GLOW!

Don't have time or money to get a tan just in time for Spring or hit the beach for the perfect Summer Glow? I have a money-saving solution for you. Check your pantry; you'll be sure to find this staple. It's Brown Sugar!! I learned to start taking care of my skin by using this easy method. I use this twice a week it's made a difference in my skin! My mood changes after this ritual, giving me a warm sunny feel!!

You will need the following ingredients. One small Bowl. 1/3 Cup of Brown Sugar. 1 Tsp Olive Oil and 2 Tbsp of Coffee Grounds. That's it. Now if you don't like Coffee or aren't a coffee drinker, you can surely use 2 Tbsp of Sea Salt.

Directions: You must apply to dry skin; start with a small scoop and rub this decadent scrub in a circular soft motion on and around your body. Once you've finished all areas of the body in need of hydration. Next, turn the warm water on and slowly remove the scrub; it will melt off. This scrub is perfect before shaving for a smoother shave and also a buttery body feels. You can slip off your skin!

I guarantee this will change your life! Your skin will feel revived and ready for that Spring Glow. Give it a try; it doesn't take much it will make a big difference.

I think i'd miss you!

Kenny XOXO

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